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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Jun 1, 2017

Episode 161- Chris Aus (Oz) Owner of Sunsi Glass
     Hey there!!!! Thanks a ton for tuning into this episode featuring Chris Aus of Sunsi Glass.  We had a great conversation regarding his past and present career as a pipe maker and glass artist.   After being away for so long Chris had to decide how to make his comeback and so far he's been quite successful at it.  Through his social media presence his tribe has begun to grow and become a loyal and dedicated group of fans of personality and work. 
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Trailer for J.D.Maplesden's "Vagabong"
     St. Paul, Minnesota-based Chris Aus (Sunsi Glass) began glassblowing in 1998 and quickly earned a reputation for quality, innovative functional glass in the Midwest. After building a successful wholesale/retail business during a tumultuous time for glass artists, Chris walked away from the craft in 2005. In July 2016, Chris returned to the torch - after more than a decade away from the industry - motivated to push his skill set and incorporate classic techniques (line work, foldovers, fuming) into a new era of functional glass art. Chris is currently a glassblowing instructor at Legacy Glass in Minneapolis, MN and has a number of projects in the works. You can connect with Chris/Sunsi Glass the following ways:
Instagram @sunsiglass