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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Dec 5, 2016

Episode 139- Matty Phunk: Glass Artist and Engineer #boroadvocate #innovator 

     In this episode Matty @torontoflameworking and @jmichaelglass get deep into the talking about Marty's background, glass Journey and inspriration behind #TheArrow.  A New, Soon-to-be-Released Torch from Nortel which has been In development for the last 2-yrs, Nortel is pushing the design and innovation for their newest creation.  With a New "Re-Mix" Flame Chemistry this torch is going to change the game. Not only only affordable to purchase but also energy efficiency at its finest.  Low pressures allow this torch to run Hot and use less gas then most of the hottest torches on the market. I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!!! Hope you enjoy and Please share with you friends and spread the amazing things going on in the glass community!!!!!! 

     Matty Pike (Phunk) was born Sept 5, 1989  in Toronto, Ontario and has lived there for most of his life, with a year on the east coast of Canada and a year on the West Coast. He graduated from Ryerson University for Entrepreneurship and started up the Toronto Flameworking Studio shortly after He finished their program.  
     He started out collecting glass in about 2006 on internet forums and got his first opportunity to try melting in 2009. He had a lot of off/on time between working in a few different home studios while finishing school and decided to open the TFT studio to provide an opportunity for others to learn an practice in a reliable shop.
      While operating the TFT studio He has been fortunate enough to work closely with Nortel to design and build a new style of burner as well as creating an upgrade for some of their traditional burners. The new Nortel-TFT Arrow has been in development for the better part of 2 years and with a great deal of R&D it is by far their most complex burner. By combining the use of both surface mix as well as premix the Arrow is able to create a very unique "Remix" style flame chemistry.