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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Jan 12, 2017

Episode !45-My Journey That Almost Ended From Suicide..How Anxiety and Fear Ran My Life..
     This is going to the most vulnerable episode Ive published yet. The discusion of mental health is an all to familiar topic in the art world and glass community. Substance abuse, Anxiety, Depression and Guilt are just a few of the experiences that Ive had to deal with personally for most of my life. Just this past year I made the conscious decision to no longer let this steer my life. As we all know fight or flight is a real reaction and typically my responses have come from panic and fear. The immediate reaction to a stimulus whether an argument, a phone call from a creditor or a broken relationship has caused me to make irrational decisions in my life. Ive had a long term affair that lasted over two years, Ive lied and cheated friends and family to cover up a immense amount of guilt i was experiencing in many areas of my life that all stemmed from irrational decisions and actions taken based on those decisions.

To give you some clear context of where this stems from,let me back up a more