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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Mar 4, 2019

Episode 210: Aaron Evan- Love Yourself not Your Ego
     For well over a decade Aaron Evans has been spreading his distinct D.I.Y. brand of rebellious, uplifting and brutally honest artwork around the world. He ran Dove Ink Records, an Indy Hip Hop Label with his good friend Illogic. He published gonzo style articles in counter culture publications found on newsstands around the globe. He toured and traveled. He went viral with his anthem for the people "We All Work". He learned a million mediums of creativity, from directing music videos and blowing glass, to graphic design and music production. Then, in a instant, it all stopped, as 3 years ago he unexpectedly had to step into a role as a caretaker for his father stricken with Dementia and relocate his family across the country to escape his brother who had relapsed on heroin. But, if you know Aaron, you know the one thing he never does, is give up. 
     The story of Aaron’s downfall is unapolageticaly tragic. Yet the trajectory of his resurrection is nothing short of astounding. Relaunching his carrier on Jan. 1st., Aaron returned with a new arsenal of artistic offerings ranging from music videos and short films, to a new album (Hope Floats) and groundbreaking line of handmade blown glass (The One Tribe). During his time in the wilderness, sequestered from the city in a life of service to his family, Aaron simply spent every free min his could find refining his craft and renewing his being; Mind, Body and Soul. 1000’s of hours in the music and glass studios, in the gym, in field scouting locations, in his home, in the wee hours of the night, making sure every single detail was right before publishing his second novel in life. 
     Over the course of the last 18 months threw countless hours of trail and error, success and failure, and the combined efforts of my entire 20 year artistic career, I have created an offering unlike anything it's predecessor. ONE TRIBE, the first ever music video to couple stop motion animation with glass sculpture. I would estimate I have over 1000 total hours into this project. I’ve never worn more hats at once. Emcee, Director, Set Designer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Glassblower, Script Writer, Video Editor, MADMAN! I’ve often referred to myself as an artistic decathlete, and this is my dissertation to back that statement. I didn’t know how to blow glass, nor know if I could even use glass in the stop motion medium when I originally spawned this idea. But innovation isn’t birth from certainty, but it’s polar opposite, the unknown, the unexplored, the unimagined. I dove into the abyss with absolute disregard for what others told me I could or couldn't accomplish, and produced the nearly impossible, a truly unique and original artistic creation.   
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