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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Nov 11, 2016

Episode 135 -offer free shipping or no

Today's question comes from Gary Cottontail asking "When shipping an order to a new customer should you offer free shipping on the first order or in general?"
You can find Gary on Instagram @ohgeecottontail

My answer and suggestion is "No!" Instead offer a discount in first orders. Typically I'll offer 10% off first orders but with a minimum of order being $500.00. Depending on how established you are as an artist will determine on what you can legitimately ask in regards to minimum orders. When I first started any order that was an hour or mores drive or had to be shipped was a minimum of $ it's $500.00. Don't let the shops push you around with this. Give a small discount and let the shop know that basically they're getting free pipe out of it.

By offering a discount it allows you to easily manage your book keeping. Shipping is expensive and so is the handling(time). Think of what it costs just in material to ship an order safely. I get into the details of the numbers game when it comes to putting a percentage aside for shipping and office expenses.

Hope this helps give you a different perspective when it comes to luring retailers to buy your work.


In episode 134 featuring D-Rock we talked about his little traveling buddy. This weeks question is What type of dog does Derek have and what's his name?

Please send answers to

Entries must be received no later then
Friday, November 18th. The winner will be randomly chosen from the batch of correct answers. You must answer both parts correctly. Winner will receive a $50.00 gift card to Mountain Glass and a sticker pack
From me as well. Thanks for playing and good luck!!!!