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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Aug 9, 2017

Episode 169- Nick Deviley returns to catch us up on the state of affairs in the world of trade shows as well as tons of value bombs for those who want to or are attending trade shows to sell your work.  

1-year later since we spoke and the trade show landscape continues to expand and becoming almost overwhelming.

With Champs, AGE, GlassRoots, Glass Vegas, and BIG, the  dates are overlapping and the tradeshow market is expanding to different parts of the country.  This includes Florida, Vegas, New Jersey, Philly, Colorado, Wisconsin, and New York.
How can we navigate and find what works best for the glass artist.

The Glassroots Education:

Monona Terrace
Monday October 9th - 10 am - 5 pm
Tuesday October 10th - 10 am - 5 pm


Private demo class with Phil Siegel
$400/seat (limit 12 seats)

A 2 day class with Phil Siegel will focus on character study, and feature exploration into the art and craft of original character design


Private demo class with Marble Slinger - "Back to the future"
$400/seat (limit 12 seats)

A 2 day class with the legendary Marble Slinger! Learn old school techniques and styles with 20 year veteran pipe maker M Slinger. A master of pattern techniques, he will explain honeycombs, inside out, fuming, disc flips, retticellos, bow ties, spirals, stuff and puffs, and some traditional shaping styles.

General Admission Classes
$100/seat Multiple classes over 2 days

With talks and instruction by:
Matt Eskuche, CalM, Ben Belgrad, Jahnny Rise, Alex Vicknair, and JuJu Glass