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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

May 18, 2016

Episode 57-Karl Termini.  

This was a great conversation. Karl has a great philosophy to life. Some days he's an artist, some days a craftsman. 

     Karl Termini’s love for glass began in New Jersey in the late 1990’s as a lampworker. Like most people back then he taught him self glass through trial and error. He started up a small shop in his house in the the late 90's and built a small catalog. He advertised this in retailers magazines and things were going great till 2002's nation wide issues.  In 2004 he got tired of the grey area environment as a pipe maker in the states and moved to Amsterdam, Holland and quickly established notoriety as a glass maker and artist. Karl focused on scientific glass making techniques and opened his second pipe company, SNOB, with two friends: Hans Meijer "NL" and Adam Dunn "THSEEDS/HempHoodlamb.” Right out of the gate SNOB was being recognized as a leading pipe company and they managed to take home the Can Cup multiple times.

While in Amsterdam Karl started a school, Studio Termini Amsterdam, that he used to teach students from around the world basic borosilicate art-glass techniques. Karl loved to educate and share his knowledge. One of the most rewarding teaching opportunities Karl had was with a young adult with autism. Over the course of two years Karl taught this student advanced glass work techniques.

The Holland lifestyle was non-stop party and Karl was ready for a change. His skills continued to improve and he was ready to bring his pipes back to the States. Karl moved to Ithaca, NY and opened his new company, Termini Tubes. The first couple of years flew by and his customer base exploded. 

Karl makes every Termini pipe personally. He focuses on providing the ultimate product by only shipping pipes made out of the absolute best glass possible, at reasonable prices, and with unmatched service. Every piece on the site is made to order, and there is no inventory stocked. This way Karl can change it up as often as he likes and keep it fresh.

Now you can find Termini Tubes in shops around the world or purchase a made-to-order piece made personally by Karl Termini here on

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