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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

May 30, 2016

Episode 108- Nadja Gustafson.. Great Bras of Fire...
Hey you!!!  Thanks for tuning in.  This was a fun conversation with Nadja as we cover her life as an mixed media (metal/glass) artist which started at an early age. She mentions there's a picture of her holding a hammer her Grandfather let her use to pound out metal at the age of 3.  Pretty sweet.  She's traveled a ton including residing in Audtralia for 3-yrs before moving to Asheville, North Carolina and began melting glass with the assistance and guidance of James Yaun.  Together they create one of a kind works of art as well as a production line that is distributed through Joint Forces.   
 Recently Nadja has begun the development and production of a new product called "Great Bras of Fire" designed to help women keep their breast protected from the heat of their torches. During our conversation we began to five a little deeper into this arena sparking a new direction for Nadja and her products. She will be getting back to us with a follow up of the research she is going to do on the potential women and men can have from exposure to Uv/Uvb radiation as well as how the heat affects breast tissue.  She will be creating a Kickstarter campaign soon to help fund this research.  I'll share the info as soon as it is all established.   
Hope you enjoy this great chat as well as support her efforts as she begins a new journey in creating a viable product that should protect the Women and Men of the glass art world.
heres her Cyber links
instagram @hameroogirl
heres the link to G.B.O.F.
Bio - I was born in raised in Philly with a coppersmith Grandpop who taught me how to work in metal from a very early age. I caught the bug and pursued art degrees in metals/jewelry making at School for American Crafts and University of Illinois. I jumped straight into marriage after college and learned musical instrument repair. I worked on flutes, clarinets and any kind of odd metal part that needed to be made for specific instruments. Jeff Bradshaw who is a trombone player with Jill Scott and solo has a custom metalworked t-bone he plays often. is my metalsmithing website.
I moved with my husband at the time to Adelaide, Australia where I lived for three and a half years - and long story short the marriage went kapoop and I met Glass blower James Yaun and made the huge decision to leave Australia and return to the US to live in Asheville. James was getting ready for Bead and Button in Tucson when I arrived so he taught me glass bead making and then moved me onto spoons and pendants.
We also made many metal and glass collabs together where I did the metalwork and James did the glass part. 
I love working in glass - it is so different from working in metal and I like the balance of being able to work in both. 
The Great Bras of Fire came from assisting James with cutting a really large glass tube in half with the torch and really feeling the burn in some sensitive areas. I tried sticking a kevlar glove in my shirt but so itchy. yuck. I hate aprons so I thought why not make a pad that you can just stick in your bra that will protect that area but also are light and washable. So that is how Great Bras were born. I am in the process of making other products that are more unisex - not all ladies wear bras and some men have expressed interest in having some similar kind of protection from the radiant heat of the torch.
I live in Asheville with James and we have a home studio. I use a local Asheville seamstress to make the Great Bras !
Contact  at


Sea Cube Co was established in 2001 by Christopher Bock.Chris is a glassblower
and has worked his way up through the ranks from 
assembly worker to senior glassblower. His main focus has always been 
scientific glassware, with a major focus on petrochemical products.
With exposure through the American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS), 
Chris has come to appreciate and dabble in artistic glass. Over the years 
through formal education and experimentation, Chris has embraced the 
artistic side of the craft.
    Chris currently works as a glassblower for a small manufacturer as well 
as owning and operating Sea Cube Co. He is a long-standing member 
of the Delaware Valley Section of ASGS and is currently serving as 
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