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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Aug 26, 2016

Episode 123- Jeremy Grant-Levine AKA Germ and 1000 glass cranes

Germ (Jeremy Grant-Levine) is a Philadelphia based glass artist and teacher.  His parents are both artists and encouraged him to experiment with all materials from a very young age. Germ has a degree in Scientific glassblowing and spent several years working in the scientific glass industry, before returning to making art full time.  He has traveled extensively, collaborating and learning from some of the best glassblowers in the country.  He has been teaching in studios around the US and internationally for the past few years.  

Germs work is always in flux.  One series of work could focus on the sea and his New England up bringing (Smoke on the Water, 2015) and the next could reference eastern spiritual practices and communal ritual (Tools for Enlightenment, 2016).  For many years he experimented with traditional German glassblowing techniques and tried to give them a more contemporary feel.
Currently he is starting a project called 1000 glass cranes.  He seeks to follow the ancient Japanese tradition of Senbazuru, folding 1000 origami cranes.  The legend is that if you fold 1000 cranes in a year, you are granted good fortune, health, luck, or a wish.  His vision is to do this but with glass
1000 Glass Cranes
The modern world is moving too fast and we are always onto the next task before we can even finish or evaluate the last. 1000 Glass Cranes is a project focused on spending a full year on one large idea. One artist, without assistance, on a quest for balance. This project is about creating an immersive experience for the artist throughout the year and also the audience as participants during the final exhibit. Once the year and thousand cranes are complete, they will all be displayed at Ruckus Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a massive installation.
Jeremy Grant-Levine AKA Germ has been blowing glass for 13 years. As a working artist, he has made a name for himself in the glass pipe sub-culture, as one of the most technical and innovative makers in the industry. Mixing classical shapes and modern silhouettes, he is able to transform his pieces from merely function into sculptural showpieces. ​His work has been displayed in galleries in Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and Tel Aviv. He has taught workshops and collaborated with other artists all over the world. 
Kickstarter campaign is live through September 27, 2016 to raise funds and support to get this project started. Updates and insights into the many layers of this expansive project can be found at