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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Oct 20, 2017

Episode 176- Austin Hensley: Born to be a Glass Artist


  Austin says...   I began my Glass adventure at the age of 9 when I made my first marble after two years of incessantly bugging Zak Rowan at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. By the end of that show he sent me home with a national a-1, a tomato flat full of shorts, and a millions questions to go along with all the answers of the previous two years. I have lived in Clarkdale Arizona my entire life and spent my childhood after about 10 pumping gas, fixing tires and helping my father with automotive repair at his 1940's full service Texaco station (think ding ding, and a guy washing your windows and checking your oil etc.). Dropped out of high school due to boredom and got my GED a week later to go right into college for self enrichment where I studied a bit of everything but focused on the sciences mostly. I spent the first few years focusing on solid sculpture, pendants, miniatures and on the fly objects for Zak during the two months the faire was in state. All the while I spent as much spare time as I could muster working glass. Until I met Robert Occhiline when I was 15 I think who taught me the basics of working with hollow and how to make a spoon.

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