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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Nov 20, 2017

Episode 180- Jennifer S. Levine..Lovi'n Life and Livi'n in Love


Jennifer S. Levine was born in Dallas, Texas. She spent her childhood trapped in books, museums and all other curiosity, which fed her imagination or got paint under her nails. When most teens would run into mischief with their first set of car keys, Ms. Levine would run to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) or fourth floor of the Dallas Public Library to render from the masters and explore the etymology of human discourse through artistic expression. She eventually saw these pieces in person, traveling the world with her sketchbooks and journals.

She studied Studio Art at The University of North Texas and Creative Writing at The University of Denver. After completing a yearlong glassblowing apprenticeship in 2001, she started her career as a professional glassblower. And in 2011 she founded FIREPOWER PRODUCTIONS.

Jennifer S. Levine believes in autodidactic living; the day one stops learning, one stops breathing. After 18 years in Denver, Colorado, she has returned to Dallas, Texas for a while as of 2017. Ms. Levine spends her free time laughing uncontrollably, cracking jokes, coaching small business owners and writing.