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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Dec 5, 2017

 Episode 182- Creating a Scaricity Mindset During the Holidaze 

Mountain Glass will be closed from 12/25/2017 through 1/1/2018 so we can spend time with our families and friends during the holiday season. Friday, 12/22/17, will be the last day we are open in 2017. We will re-open for business on Tuesday, 1/2/18. Be aware that while we are closed, we will have a limited staff send most of the orders out- we do not guarantee when they will ship but will do our best. We will still need be unable to answer phones or reply promptly to emails, and the retail store will remain closed. Please plan your orders accordingly, and thank you for your understanding.

Delivery Times: UPS and USPS are overloaded during the holiday season and are closed for some of the same days that we are. The ship times during this time period could be longer than usual because of this. UPS doesn't guarantee that ground packages will arrive in the normal delivery days during November 29th - December 31st. Plan ahead so that you are not out of essential materials!

Your work during the holidays.

This is the time to begin gearing up for the holiday rush . As we all know time disappears even faster this time of year between the studio time, holiday parties, family get togethers and trying to find sleep amongst the chaos. Ideally if you are able to continue the momentum created throughout the year, the holidays can be highly successful.
giving you the opportunity to add new items to an already large catalog. Try new ideas for items such an annual limited edition series or item. Personally I make and sell a limited edition ornament. Platforms like Etsy and BigCartle are a great place to sell and promote these items. Each platform has its own algorithm helping you promote yourself as an artist. They are flooded with a sea of others but with persistence and time dedicated to this process as well as consistancy you can find success. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow you to promote the items you are focused on selling during the holidays.

If you are selling different items you can showcase them individually throughout the weeks as well as promote the sales giving your tribe an advanced notice. Another important idea is to think of supply and demand or scarcity of your item. Let your tribe know that you are only making 20 or 50 of a specific item and that they are numbered and dated and signed. This adds to the hype and the need for your tribe to own your limited edition items. Remember if you do go this route that you have to stay true to your word and if you say you are only
Making 20 of said item then you have to stick to that number. The item can change and vary over the years and seasons to keep this item a consistent collectors edition item and keep the scaricity mindset associated with it which will drive your tribe to feel the need to buy it now since they'll never be able to get that item again. This is why it is so important to stay up with your social media and stay consistent with your word and posts......

Here's a few tips when it comes to selling wholesale orders to your retailers

[ ] Shops are busy
[ ] Visit or call in advance to see what the shop needs. Not wants. Make an appointment and hold shop to it
[ ] Always make a few extra items that you want to sell
[ ] Think retail 20-50.00 stocking stuffers.
[ ] Put together a Christmas or holiday pack. Stockings with goodies
[ ] Follow up before going to confirm appointment made
[ ] Platforms to sell retail
* Etsy
* Shopify
* Bigcartel
* Social feeds
These are just a few of the popular platforms of selling your work in a retail level. Most of these won't allow functional art so take advantage of this and make other items that still show your work and artistsic expression as well as the ability to expose yourself to a different community that loves art and supporting the arts.

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