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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Sep 23, 2015

Episode 40: systemizing the customer experience

In this episode I cover the basics on what it takes to have a complete systemized customer experience. A system that I am beginning to implement into my business which is helping me manage time better and free up more of it for focus in other areas of life. Here's a basic breakdown of this system  

Customer experience checklist

Take order from customer immediately write down their information and create a folder. Document how the conversation was made thru what platform whether text , email , DM's, etc.  

Take payment whether a deposit or in full,  create an invoice send your customer a copy and keep one for yourself
Make item if needed ,if needed to be made give customer an estimated time of completion and shipping. A good rule of thumb is if the item has to be made and is a  custom give them a month turn around during this time. Make sure your customer is kept up-to-date on the process especially if it takes at least two weeks to get started after payment is taken
Through the process of creating the item take pictures and share them with your customer to involve them in the experience.... they will love it!!
Once item is complete or is already in stock make sure you pack it well  include any marketing you may have whether it's stickers , business cards, flyers etc. it also is a nice thank you

Whether using post office ,UPS , or FedEx once it is ready to ship make sure you send the customer the tracking information. You could have automated emails sent to you from the shipping companies to let you know of the status of shipping sometimes this can be kind of inconvenient because it bogs down your emails but it could also be something that your customer would like. When you know that the  item is getting shipped on a specific day , or will arrive, contact your customer to let them know that they will be receiving the item that day 
Once you verify that the customer has received your item follow up and make sure that the item is OK, if it is what they asked for and then ask them if they can share a video and or picture on their social media feed 

Hope this helps. I'll be including a free PDF  check list in the next news letter and all you have to do is click the link below. Scroll to bottom of page and join the family!!!

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