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Mar 29, 2016

Five ways to be successful by using social media as a tool not a platform 


With the recent changes made on Instagram the social media world has been in a frenzy trying to get their followers to keep in touch with their current posts.  Instead of solely relying on social media as your source of promoting yourself use all platforms   Here's a summary of 5 ways to use but not rely on social media. 


Use your bio to direct link your followers to either your website or webpage or current Instagram post. Even though Instagram is an app there is also a website and the website has links which will take users and followers directly to a specific image like an auctioneer running

If you have not yet done so create a Facebook page for your business for fans to follow you there this Page can also be used for running auctions keeping your customers and fans up to date and a great tool for promoting your work

Create a email bass. Everybody has an email if you can cut continue to create a following there are several tools up there like a mail champ that are free that you can use for weekly newsletters daily updates anything else you'd like to share that goes directly to your customers email

Use all social platforms YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook Snapchat and coming soon hello

If you're concerned about having to pay for the fees and spend time creating a website or webpage the availability and excess ability of sites like Etsy big cartel and eBay are available for you to sell and promote your work either way you have to pay a fee and spend time success doesn't come easy it takes hard work and creativity 


Recap :

Use your Instagram bio to link to other outlets you have in the online space 
Create a Facebook business page and utilize it for promoting current work and update your tribe 
Create and maintain an email list. Everyone has an email.  It's getting your tribe in the habit of using it that's the trick 
Use all social platforms but focus on the ones that your customers are more likely using 
Build a site.. Whether wix, wordpress, or use online stores such as etsy, big cartel, eBay and others and link these into your bio on Instagram when applicable as well as your other social outlets.   








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