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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Mar 25, 2019

Episode 211-Wyoming Mofo

As a full time glass artist residing in the great state of Wyoming, his seclusion to the outside world hindered his growth as an artist for the first decade of his career. Then one day he was introduced to the work of talented artist SALT and it changed his life forever. Upon taking a class from SALT, he was introduced to new sculpting techniques and color application that allow him to explore his creativity like never before. Soon he found he wanted to find a fun, unique style that he could call his own and after coming across a picture of an Angler fish he knew immediately that he found his canvas. After years of experimenting he began to gain a following and refined his style all the while adjusting to the ebs and flows of a volatile industry.

Fast forward to current times when the functional glass market has found itself in a considerable decline in sales and revenue has caught many artist off guard including himself. This , along with not truly taking care of his mental, financial and physical well being, Wyoming found himself getting closer to hitting rock bottom. Then came the breaking point where he reached out on Instagram sharing the deep depression he was experiencing and to his surprise the response he was given helped him realize that he is loved by many fans and glass artists and isn't in this alone. His stepping out and being transparent was the catalyst that brought him on the show to not only share his glass journey but also talk about his depression and how he has been able to slowly climb out of it.  


I really hope you enjoy this chat and just know that if you are going through a rough time to reach out to family and friends and have this discussion.  The worse thing you can do is isolate yourself. 

Suicide hotline number-Call 1-800-273-8255