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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Jan 27, 2016


(Italian) The technique of...

Jan 26, 2016

Episode 78- Charlie Sanford  


Since 1993 Charlie has honed and developed his craft finding his way through the advetures of the last 20 plus years of the pipe industry. From Shakedown Street to running a family business Charlie gives us insights into the trials and tribulations of being a glass artist.




Jan 22, 2016



What is the best type of checking account to open for a small business?


Is it financially beneficial to open a business checking vs a standard checking account?



These questions are common themed topics that come up on a regular basis that i see in many groups. The answers I give are my opinion...

Jan 20, 2016

Episode 76- "Fantasy Artist" - Natasha Wescoat: Don't be afraid to call for delivery
               Art is the heritage of Michigan native Natasha Wescoat, who comes from a family of artists, including painter Georgia O’Keefe. Natasha has been a full time acrylic painter beginning in 2004 after the birth of...

Jan 18, 2016

episode 75- An undersea adventure with Coral (@coralreefer420 on Instagram)  Discussing social media marketing and building a brand....
     In this episode I sit down with Coral who has built an amazing following across the landscape of social media. Her current portfolio consists of a 5-yr old youtube channel, over...