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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Oct 28, 2016

Episode 132- Taking Care of Our Hands(replay of Episode 74- Repetitive Strain Injury revisited....Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS))

link to a new natural pain relief and blood stimulator..made by Enchanted Sunshine-Australian oil of eucalyptus spray ..


Oct 26, 2016

In todays episode we will be discussing the topic of Getting etsablished in  a new territory. This topic came to my attention from an inquiry by John Gonzalez whom you can find on the social feeds @probies_treasures on instagram as well as his business page on Facebook  Have you ever...

Oct 19, 2016


Your work during the holidays.  
This is the time to begin gearing up for the holiday rush   As we all know time disappears even faster this time of year between the studio time, holiday parties, family get togethers and trying to find sleep amongst the chaos.  Ideally if you are able to continue the momentum...

Oct 11, 2016

High volume low end VS. Low volume High end
When it comes to manufacturing and selling production there are many variables that need to be taken into concieration before beginning.
1- do you have an outlet that can move your product lines on a consistant basis and if so is it YOU or a DISTRIBUTOR?
2- how many items...