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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Jan 11, 2020

Ep. 9- Canadian Glass Artist Gibson: Build it and they will come 

Welcome to A Glass Blowers Companion, where my goal is to help you become a well-rounded Glass Artist through the successes and failures of some of the top artists In the Art Glass Industry. This episode features the talented Gibson, from Gibson Glassworks, whom has an outside of the box approach when it comes to not only his style but how he approaches his business.  His philosophy of " If you build it they will come." Is how he was able to create a glass scene in his area that at one point was non-existent.  


Gibson also shares some insights into how he was able to create a successful production line that DOES NOT require him to make the same piece over and over again. Something that many artists would like to be able do. He has found a way to create a specific style within his work that allows his glass to stand out amongst the masses. He considers himself to be a shaper and not a prepper when it comes to collaborations with other artists. Gibson has also been instrumental into helping organize The Great Canadian Glass Event which brings together Glass pipe artists of all level of skill together once a year for a large event. Recently he was invited to visit Scotland where he attended the second annual Scotland Glass Games and not only did he just make an appearance but also helped to setup a version of a Glass Olympics game that wound up being a huge hit amongst the artists.  

Visit Gibson on Instagram @gibsonglassworks or his website where you'll find an array of glass and other merch representing his style at 

Gibson's bio:

I started melting glass in 2004 when I was 18 and haven't stopped since! The interest turned into an addiction and a love for the fire and molten glass and endless possibilities, nothing stopping me from creating whatever I please. 

In the beginning I got to stand and watch one of my first glass mentors in his studio, paying hourly of course. I soaked up the information and then attempted the impossible once I got back to my "studio" in the forest. 

My studio first consisted of a makeshift bench over the sink in an old camper on the back of my dad's property. I couldn't stand up, but I could melt glass and it was on! 

Over the years I have built many glass workshops, some mobile some temporary, some still there today. 

I have had the chance to work with many other talented artists collaborating to create amazing pieces that incorporate both of our styles. 

I have taken on several students, taught private classes, done public demos, and also have had a couple apprentices. These are things that I really enjoy doing and hope to do more of. 

Each piece I make is different but distinctly recognizable as a Gibson Original. Get yours today! 



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