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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Jul 18, 2016

Episode 118-Chris Piazza (aka-KrispysGlass)
     As mentioned in the intro I have an idea of doing a "Christmas in July Secret Santa Pendant Trade". The way this would work is by you sending me your shipping info via email or via a direct message to the WyzGuy Radio facebook page. I would then randomly pair your info with another's and then send each of you the others info..if that makes 
     In my opinion it would be super cool to receive a pendant form an artists half way around the world. Your info is safe with me and will never be shared with anyone except in this case with another artist whom would be sending you a pendant. Please contact me to let me know what you think and whether you'd like to participate or not. I'm 100% participating in this and hope you will too!!
email   or 
     In this episode Chis and I sit down in the virtual studios of WyzGuy Media and discuss his glass journey which started years before he even lit a torch for the first time. Chris is a great example of what it truly takes to become successful as a functional production artists. He has overcome many personal hurdles along his journey which we discuss as well as those who have had his back and  shown what a mentor is all about.   We discuss the current landscape of pricing, hype vs. real pricing , the potential of a "bubble " as well as how to properly setup a studio and what it takes to be an apprentice. I truly hope you enjoy this conversation with Chris as there are a ton of takeaways.   
@krispysglass on instagram    
Chris ‘Krispy’ Piazza (@KrispysGlass & is the owner of KA-Glass, LLC. He was born in the suburbs of Chicago and learned to blow glass in Colorado. Krispy started on a MAPP gas torch on a porch of a condo at 10,000 feet during the winter, until he got an apprenticeship in Denver under Tyrel R. (@RoneGlass). He was brought up learning the fundamentals. Started with a jar of marbles and moved on to making sets of a 1,000 fume spoons, wrap’n rakes and frit spoons. Krispy put in the work and paid his dues during his apprenticeship. After about a year Tyrel brought them up to work at Plump Glass with Ryan R (@RosburgGlass) in Boulder. This was a great experience of working with many great artists from @CajunRick, @Marni420, Nancy Nagel ( During the end of this period Chris ran into some personal issues and really got to experience the bonds of having a true glass family. He moved back to Chicago to restart. At first it looked like he was done with glass, but knew that couldn’t be true. For about 9 months he worked in a warehouse until he found a space to work. Rather quickly life came together. Krispy worked at All About It a local headshop for a short time until getting a scientific glass position making X-Ray tubes. He learned his way around a lathe, working with microscopic tolerances and glass to metal seals. This job gave Krispy the opportunity to purchase his own house and build out his first studio where he currently has 4 benches set up. His first apprentice has been with him for a year and a half (@saturn_glass) and recently has 2 new students working with him as well. Krispy believes in passing on the craft the same way it was passed to him so each of the 3 began by making a jar of marbles. Krispy has mainly focused on production but is starting to branch out to find his own style. He also has a side glass business geared towards marketing using pipes as a medium (@promopipes & Having a diverse platform of products from $1 hitters to $100+ rigs allows KA-Glass to perceiver. Focus on quality and consistency creates stability for Krispy and the shop as a whole.