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A Glass Blower’s Companion with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

Oct 28, 2017

Episode 177- Eli Mazet..Discussing the History of the Shot Glass



Eli Mazet may be the most passionate glass artist you will ever meet. He resides in Springfield, Oregon with his best friend and partner Jessica and their three daughters. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Eli is the middle brother who never considered himself an artist. Now he cannot imagine a life without it.    

Introduced to lamp work glass by his brother Josh. Eli fell in love with the medium and developed his skills by watching videos, reading books and learning from other glass artists. He spent hours on the torch practicing and within a few years he had developed the skills that take most people a lifetime.  He soon engaged his brothers and mother in the work and they started the family glass business, Mazet Studios. 

 His fascination with glass has led him to his most recent project, a book titled “The Contemporary Shot Glass.”  With the support and sponsorship of Northstar Glass, Eli challenged top glass artists to create a new handcrafted shot glass.  Using their skills with new techniques, over 40 artists have created more than 70 shot glasses. Eli chronicles each  one of a kind glass in the book. He also writes of the rich history and trivia of this medium that led Eli to dream of making a “movement in the contemporary glass community” to bring back the handcrafted shot glass. 

 After fifteen years of working in glass, his enthusiasm has never faded and his love of this medium has only grown. He is always looking for new things to make in glass and is always inspired by other glass artists.