The WyzGuy Radio Show with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur

The WyzGuy Radio Show is dedicated to Educating and Inspiring through conversations with todays top-talents in the world of glass. Along with Artists, Host Jason Michael shares conversations with experts in areas pertaining to law, health, and business in hopes to bring light to areas of concern. Whether its heavy metal toxins, paying taxes, or how to properly set up a glass studio, we have a ton of fun in store for you.
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The WyzGuy Radio Show with Jason Michael -Helping Today's Glass Artist Think Like an Artistic Entrepreneur






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Dec 5, 2017

 Episode 182- Creating a Scaricity Mindset During the Holidaze 

Mountain Glass will be closed from 12/25/2017 through 1/1/2018 so we can spend time with our families and friends during the holiday season. Friday, 12/22/17, will be the last day we are open in 2017. We will re-open for business on Tuesday, 1/2/18. Be aware that while we are closed, we will have a limited staff send most of the orders out- we do not guarantee when they will ship but will do our best. We will still need be unable to answer phones or reply promptly to emails, and the retail store will remain closed. Please plan your orders accordingly, and thank you for your understanding.

Delivery Times: UPS and USPS are overloaded during the holiday season and are closed for some of the same days that we are. The ship times during this time period could be longer than usual because of this. UPS doesn't guarantee that ground packages will arrive in the normal delivery days during November 29th - December 31st. Plan ahead so that you are not out of essential materials!

Your work during the holidays.

This is the time to begin gearing up for the holiday rush . As we all know time disappears even faster this time of year between the studio time, holiday parties, family get togethers and trying to find sleep amongst the chaos. Ideally if you are able to continue the momentum created throughout the year, the holidays can be highly successful.
giving you the opportunity to add new items to an already large catalog. Try new ideas for items such an annual limited edition series or item. Personally I make and sell a limited edition ornament. Platforms like Etsy and BigCartle are a great place to sell and promote these items. Each platform has its own algorithm helping you promote yourself as an artist. They are flooded with a sea of others but with persistence and time dedicated to this process as well as consistancy you can find success. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow you to promote the items you are focused on selling during the holidays.

If you are selling different items you can showcase them individually throughout the weeks as well as promote the sales giving your tribe an advanced notice. Another important idea is to think of supply and demand or scarcity of your item. Let your tribe know that you are only making 20 or 50 of a specific item and that they are numbered and dated and signed. This adds to the hype and the need for your tribe to own your limited edition items. Remember if you do go this route that you have to stay true to your word and if you say you are only
Making 20 of said item then you have to stick to that number. The item can change and vary over the years and seasons to keep this item a consistent collectors edition item and keep the scaricity mindset associated with it which will drive your tribe to feel the need to buy it now since they'll never be able to get that item again. This is why it is so important to stay up with your social media and stay consistent with your word and posts......

Here's a few tips when it comes to selling wholesale orders to your retailers

[ ] Shops are busy
[ ] Visit or call in advance to see what the shop needs. Not wants. Make an appointment and hold shop to it
[ ] Always make a few extra items that you want to sell
[ ] Think retail 20-50.00 stocking stuffers.
[ ] Put together a Christmas or holiday pack. Stockings with goodies
[ ] Follow up before going to confirm appointment made
[ ] Platforms to sell retail
* Etsy
* Shopify
* Bigcartel
* Social feeds
These are just a few of the popular platforms of selling your work in a retail level. Most of these won't allow functional art so take advantage of this and make other items that still show your work and artistsic expression as well as the ability to expose yourself to a different community that loves art and supporting the arts.

links talked about in episode:



Nov 27, 2017

 Caleb Prater was Born in Tucson,Arizona and started blowing glass in early 2011. Drawn to the flame b the bright lights in his neighbors garage, led Caleb to the journey that he is still on. He learned a lot of basic principles regarding production that started with basic techniques like wrap and rake spoons.. It was a way to make some extra cash on the side while he still worked as a delivery driver for a local sandwich shop during the lunch rush. This afforded him to continue to pursue this new found passion. As he continued on he couldn't shake glass the bug so finally took the plunge and decided to quit his job and go full time.


BUMPER MUSIC by Joe Skar  @skarglass on instagram


The Flow Magazine 

Spring 2018 Nature Issue

The Spring 2018 issue of The Flow will explore the wonders of nature - everything from the tiniest microbes, marine animals,and wildlife to global environments including geologic formations, plants and trees, and bodies of water large and small. 

Gallery entries, general interest stories, and health, safety, or technical articles, are welcomed for consideration.

Tutorial submissions for beads, sculptures, marbles, paperweights, vessels, and mixed media in all skill levels - from beginner and intermediate to advanced - will be accepted for consideration. 

Submission deadline - December 1, 2017
Release Date - March 14, 2018





Nov 20, 2017

Episode 180- Jennifer S. Levine..Lovi'n Life and Livi'n in Love


Jennifer S. Levine was born in Dallas, Texas. She spent her childhood trapped in books, museums and all other curiosity, which fed her imagination or got paint under her nails. When most teens would run into mischief with their first set of car keys, Ms. Levine would run to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) or fourth floor of the Dallas Public Library to render from the masters and explore the etymology of human discourse through artistic expression. She eventually saw these pieces in person, traveling the world with her sketchbooks and journals.

She studied Studio Art at The University of North Texas and Creative Writing at The University of Denver. After completing a yearlong glassblowing apprenticeship in 2001, she started her career as a professional glassblower. And in 2011 she founded FIREPOWER PRODUCTIONS.

Jennifer S. Levine believes in autodidactic living; the day one stops learning, one stops breathing. After 18 years in Denver, Colorado, she has returned to Dallas, Texas for a while as of 2017. Ms. Levine spends her free time laughing uncontrollably, cracking jokes, coaching small business owners and writing.

Nov 10, 2017

Episode 179- Sully Reynolds...Finding Your Zone of Genius

Sully Reynolds was born in Massachusetts and still resides there . He graduated high school but didn't attend college. After working for a debt collector Sully was introduced to the flame after a run in with a glass artist at a party he atended. From a short coversation Sully got the bug and began to take classes learning some basic techniques gving him the start to his glass foundation. After a short run of classes Sully met Christian aka Chaka and began an apprenticeship for about a year and a half. A few months after his apprenticeship ended he was called up by Christian to assist him at Marcel Braun’s studio with a project for a month which turned into 2 months on the road helping him with collabs doing prep. Sully came home from the trip and has been working on his own since. Recently he took a Chris Hubbard class in Jan, and then attended MELT...

Contact info for
PLEASE HELP: As many of you know, we lost a kind, generous and genuine soul this month when our dear friend and family member, Tucker Lura, passed on. Tucker was always quick to help anyone in need and would gladly give the shirt off his back. Now his family needs help to recover from the long and grueling ordeal they have just gone through. We are planning a Celebration of Life for Tucker on December 9th and would like to include a raffle and silent auction to help out his family. Here is where YOU come in. We are currently SEEKING DONATIONS of items or gift certificates to be raffled off at this event. These donations can be art, handmade items, glass pieces, gift certificates for community businesses, bottles of liquor or anything else that you feel could be worth raffling off. Please help us to contact friends, family and community businesses to collect donations. You can contact me directly at (262)664-9433 or PM me here on FB to schedule a time for me to pick up donations. Everyone had been at a loss trying to cope with this situation and here is a way that each of you can pitch in and show Tucker's family that we are all here to support them in any way that we can. Together we can make a difference!! Thank you in advance for sharing and coming together to make this event a success!!

Nov 4, 2017

 Episode 178-Best of the Worst Injuries Vol.II

     In celebration of Halloween it's that time of year again to share to highlights of the stories, told by the artists, describing their horrific injuries of blood, burns, and mutilation. We are pleased to share these tales in hopes to remind you to always pay attention.

     Stay tuned till next year when we bring you the traumatizing reflections of punctures, burns, and lacerations.

     Until then.....HAPPY MELTING


music created by-32-minute spooky music

Oct 28, 2017

Episode 177- Eli Mazet..Discussing the History of the Shot Glass



Eli Mazet may be the most passionate glass artist you will ever meet. He resides in Springfield, Oregon with his best friend and partner Jessica and their three daughters. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Eli is the middle brother who never considered himself an artist. Now he cannot imagine a life without it.    

Introduced to lamp work glass by his brother Josh. Eli fell in love with the medium and developed his skills by watching videos, reading books and learning from other glass artists. He spent hours on the torch practicing and within a few years he had developed the skills that take most people a lifetime.  He soon engaged his brothers and mother in the work and they started the family glass business, Mazet Studios. 

 His fascination with glass has led him to his most recent project, a book titled “The Contemporary Shot Glass.”  With the support and sponsorship of Northstar Glass, Eli challenged top glass artists to create a new handcrafted shot glass.  Using their skills with new techniques, over 40 artists have created more than 70 shot glasses. Eli chronicles each  one of a kind glass in the book. He also writes of the rich history and trivia of this medium that led Eli to dream of making a “movement in the contemporary glass community” to bring back the handcrafted shot glass. 

 After fifteen years of working in glass, his enthusiasm has never faded and his love of this medium has only grown. He is always looking for new things to make in glass and is always inspired by other glass artists.


Oct 20, 2017

Episode 176- Austin Hensley: Born to be a Glass Artist


  Austin says...   I began my Glass adventure at the age of 9 when I made my first marble after two years of incessantly bugging Zak Rowan at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. By the end of that show he sent me home with a national a-1, a tomato flat full of shorts, and a millions questions to go along with all the answers of the previous two years. I have lived in Clarkdale Arizona my entire life and spent my childhood after about 10 pumping gas, fixing tires and helping my father with automotive repair at his 1940's full service Texaco station (think ding ding, and a guy washing your windows and checking your oil etc.). Dropped out of high school due to boredom and got my GED a week later to go right into college for self enrichment where I studied a bit of everything but focused on the sciences mostly. I spent the first few years focusing on solid sculpture, pendants, miniatures and on the fly objects for Zak during the two months the faire was in state. All the while I spent as much spare time as I could muster working glass. Until I met Robert Occhiline when I was 15 I think who taught me the basics of working with hollow and how to make a spoon.

LAMPWORKING RESOURCES YOU CAN FIND ON AMAZON.. using this link will take you right to where you need to go...


Mountain Glass Arts
Glass Roots Artshow
The Flow Magazine


Sep 30, 2017

Episode 175-Topher Morcos

Topher Morcos started blowing glass in 2014, and took an immediate interest in murrine. The detail he was able to achieve using Millie captured his interest. He learned to make Millie from David Kaminski from a class series and later fine tuned it David in person at Topher’s . Eventually Topher attended Salem College fine tuning his skills and immediately began to work on his murrine at home. Later he learned more about incorporating Millie into his work from Karl Taylor (Grimm).

Soon it was time for a change and Topher moved and built up a shop in Philadelphia where he worked for three years.

Just recently he made another move and packed up shop and moved to upstate NewYork

Sep 25, 2017

Episode 174-(Best of) Micah Evans..Making Waves in an Ocean of Glass......

This was a great conversation with Micah. His portfolio spans across the medium of glass pushing every possible element that he has worked with or run into. From his humble beginnings in Washington to becoming the first glass artist to receive a residency at Penland College to Teaching pipe techs at Corning Micah has revolutionized concepts in glass and contiunes to push the medium. Currently he resides with a group of talented artists at St. Elmos Fire Studio in Austin, Texas where the likes of SALT and others work. his pipes can be fund online at or his personal aork can be found at

hope you all enjoy this episode.


"My work is a combination of things I want to make and things I cannot help but make. I started working with glass almost exclusively as a medium in the late 90’s. I spent the better part of a decade trying to gain the skill set to speak the material fluently. My goal for this residency is to refine the content of my work. To expose myself to new materials and processes that will expand my vocabulary as a maker.
My current work revolves around the hidden craft traditions within my family. From the constant quilting of my mother in the evenings to the story telling of my father around the campfire, my most cherished memories of my family involve making and creativity. These new bodies of work honors those past traditions and explore how they still drive me today." -Micah Evans


Born 1975-

1996-97- art institute of Seattle, 3D animation major

1999- flame working apprenticeship, stone way glass Seattle, Lance Sanford

Move to Florida 2000, Jacksonville Beach-. Start Lucid visions glass studio with Lance and Josh

2006 move to Miami- work at university of Miami, studio assistant for established artist, pivotal point in career

2008 move to Austin- meet Luken aka Salt

2012 Penland- assist Carmen Lozar, teach and apply for residency

2013- begin Penland Residency

Sep 14, 2017

Episode 173- Hurricane Irma...Are You Prepared for an Emergency

Emergency Checklist

Every part of the world has the potential of unleashing catastrophic devaststion whether earthquakes, fires or hurricanes just to make a few. As a glass artist we have specific essentials that are used daily to produce the work needed to fill orders and pay our bills. When emergencies happen we have to be prepared to act fast and leave which includes brining your studio essentials. Here's what I recommend to make sure that when enemy danger approaches you are prepared to cut and run.

-Purchase a large plastic bin to store your essentials in and with a big piece of tape and marker label it "STUDIO EMERGENCY BOX".

Here's a link to where you can purchase one for cheap

I've created a printable check list that will be sent to your email. This list contains some of the basic essentials with space for you to write in you're own extras. Just make sure what you wrote down will fit in one box. All you have to do is click the link below

Emergency PDF Link

let me know what you think about the show with an email to 

follow me on Instagram 





Sep 1, 2017

Episode 171- Don't Quit Your Day Job


In the ever growing landscape of glass artists, the demand for glass grows as the quality of artists diminishes. Whether you're new to the industry or an Old Timer like myself, it's important to understand that," just making rigs" isn't going to get you anywhere no mater how established you are as an artist. The most successful artists in the functional glass scene are constantly reinventing themselves and pivoting before or during trends slow down as a new one starts up.

As you've probabaly heard me preach on many episodes , it's so important to be a well rounded lampworker, having the ability to not only make pipes but also pendants, figurines, and Ornaments just as a few examples. This way you aren't painting yourself in a corner as a rig maker. The industry is flooded with rigs and hype glass all the while a whole demographic who enjoy using glass for smoking aren't finding glass pipes for flowers that are made from locals like it once was 10-15years ago. Even smoke shop owners won't buy glass for flowers because of their local demographics but they are still forgetting that the OG smoker wants a nice bubbler or water pipe for their flowers.

Chris and I dive deep into these topics ....



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October 9-11 Madison, Wisconsin




Aug 26, 2017

Episode 172-Patrick Charles...Humble Beginnings and Big Dreams

Patrick Charles is a 25-year old glass artist based out of Denton,Tx. Through an understanding of that old cliche', "You have to crawl before you walk"... he's managed to excel as an artist due to a strong foundation of technique and practice. His glass journey began in 2013 and in just 4-years has managed to grow his business and begin putting dreams into reality.

You can find Patrick on Instagram @keepsakeglass

Find your very own keepsake at

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October 9-11 Madison, Wisconsin



Aug 17, 2017

Episode 170- Bandhu Scott Dunham 

Bandhu and I sit down in the virtual studio and discuss many topics pertaining to glass and his career.  Find out what sparked his initial interest in glass and what continues to motivate  him to continue working with this amazing medium of glass for the last 42 years.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1959, Bandhu Dunham began to teach himself lampwork/flamework technique in 1975, while still in high school. Now an internationally respected glass artist, author and teacher, his work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums in the US and abroad, including the Corning Museum of Glass, The Museum of Arts and Design, Museum für Glaskunst (Germany), Niijima Glass Art Center (Japan), and Osaka University of Arts.
Bandhu’s Contemporary Lampworking books are the authoritative, standard instructional texts in his field. He regularly teaches workshops at craft schools and private studios around the United States and internationally. In 2010 he was Visiting Foreign Instructor at Osaka University of Arts in Osaka, Japan. In 2012, Bandhu was a presenter and Masterclass leader at the International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge, England. In 2013 he was a presenter and teacher at the international Ausglass Conference in Australia, and First Place winner in the CHAMPS Glass Games in Las Vegas.
("non"- functional works)
(functional works)

Contemporary Lampworking



save 10% off on starter kits use code:WyzGuy

new subscribers save 10% use code: WyzGuy



Aug 9, 2017

Episode 169- Nick Deviley returns to catch us up on the state of affairs in the world of trade shows as well as tons of value bombs for those who want to or are attending trade shows to sell your work.  

1-year later since we spoke and the trade show landscape continues to expand and becoming almost overwhelming.

With Champs, AGE, GlassRoots, Glass Vegas, and BIG, the  dates are overlapping and the tradeshow market is expanding to different parts of the country.  This includes Florida, Vegas, New Jersey, Philly, Colorado, Wisconsin, and New York.
How can we navigate and find what works best for the glass artist.

The Glassroots Education:

Monona Terrace
Monday October 9th - 10 am - 5 pm
Tuesday October 10th - 10 am - 5 pm


Private demo class with Phil Siegel
$400/seat (limit 12 seats)

A 2 day class with Phil Siegel will focus on character study, and feature exploration into the art and craft of original character design


Private demo class with Marble Slinger - "Back to the future"
$400/seat (limit 12 seats)

A 2 day class with the legendary Marble Slinger! Learn old school techniques and styles with 20 year veteran pipe maker M Slinger. A master of pattern techniques, he will explain honeycombs, inside out, fuming, disc flips, retticellos, bow ties, spirals, stuff and puffs, and some traditional shaping styles.

General Admission Classes
$100/seat Multiple classes over 2 days

With talks and instruction by:
Matt Eskuche, CalM, Ben Belgrad, Jahnny Rise, Alex Vicknair, and JuJu Glass


Aug 4, 2017

Episode 168- Scot Bennet aka Cherry Glass

This was a fun conversation as Scot and I dove into his early career and the stages he went through to get to where he is today. Everything from learning boro production to figuring out how to electroform.  You can find Scot online @cherryglass or @tournament_of_fire on Instagram. 


 Live streaming glassblowing kit


Instagram @cherryglass
Facebook @cherryglassmn
Twitter @cherryglass
Massroots @CherryGlass

We Give Bugs A Second Life As Art!

Cherry Glass is a family-owned glassblowing business in Northern Minnesota. We are a group of artists that add real insects to our art by electroforming them in copper and applying them onto our glass pieces. We create magnifiicent pieces using organic materials. We have three months of summer and collect bugs as they die off. The rest are shipped to us from collectors and friends! We also incorporate crystals, stones, and Brazilian agate slabs in our work and connect everything together with different color patinas. We Give Bugs A Second Life As Art!
We have electroformed the following organic material:
Praying Mantis
House Flies
Sea Horse
Sea Fan
Scot started blowing glass in 2002. After a four year apprenticeship under Andy G. , Scot started Cherry Glass in 2006, and in 2012 his mother, Linda Bennett started collaborating with electroforming real bugs, stones, and working with patinas with his pieces. Scot's wife Ryan, and Travis Andrews of Oxbow Art Effects also contribute there sculpting and artwork.

Jul 28, 2017

Episode 167- Q-Heffner

Q Heffner started his lampworking and creating with Boro experience in 2004 on 6th ave inTacoma WA. He spent the better part of the 1st 10 yrs traveling from place to place state to state to work with as many glass artist as possible to grow and hone the techniques of his craft. After working for a short stint with a member of the Aribas family in Southern California he chose not to take a full time position working with humans moved back north to Bellingham WA to be closer to family and to root down and put the knowledge and technique he'd been growing in to use. Soon after arriving back in Bellingham he started a line of caps that grew in incredible demand giving him the opportunity to continue to grow his craft while also helping open up the market for even more accessory driven glass work. He has shown his work both In galleries with stores like the Pipe kings, T Leaf Gallery , & the famous and ever growing 52nd st. He has also had opportunity to show his work at an art pop up in Art Basel. 
He is currently evolving his cap line to stay relevant to the evolution of the extract smoking scene while pressing into the quartz market as well as developing a production line for the new recreational weed store market taking over the PNW primarily focused in WA
You can find him and his work on Instagram

Jul 13, 2017
Episode 166- Thank You for the 100,000 downloads
5-day Marble Class Learn a new marble tech each day August 7-11 2017 at The  Pittsburg Glass Center
She also has an archived compression marble webinar help by Glass Craft that is still available.  Check the link below
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Jul 5, 2017

Episode 165 James Newcomb AKA Jimi the Don





@mindfulglassworks on Instagram  

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, 16th of June, year of our science, 1980.

I dropped out of college to get into business management, traveled around the country for a bit, sold glass for people at shows and festivals and such.

Started working with glass as a medium in the late 90s, got into lampworking in 2004, and have been shaping it into a career ever since.

How to calculate cost of production
In this example I'm using reference from internet which has material price based on length .....
This is a generic example
example 3"-wrap and rake hand pipe
Material breakdown :
2" section of simax 25.4 hvy wall ($8.00/60")
$0.13per inch or $0.26(2"section)
1/2" section of color cobalt firsts ($5.25/18")
9" section 4mm clear for raking ($0.52/60")
Estimated total for cost of Goods
3"wrap and take spoon ($0.26+$0.15+$0.09)=$0.50

Propane/oxygen/power is pennies on the dollar if you're able to get liquid oxygen. If you are renting space you still need to calculate your estimated per hour rate. If you pay $1500.00/mo(power,rent,gas) break it down to per day then estimate how many hours you work in a day and use that number as a base calculation.
$1500.00/month (30-day month) is approx $50.00/day (per hour in a 10-hr day)
$5.00/hr (gases,power,rent)

If you can make 10-$5.00 3" wrap spoons per hour your estimated cost per hour is $10.00/hr
(power,rent,gas) $5.00+(material x's 10-hr) $5.00= $10.00/hr. to manufacture 10-$5.00 spoons

Net-$50.00(10-$5.00 3" w/r)-$10.00(cost to manufacture)=
Gross approx $40.00/hr.

In a 8 hr day do the math
You can see just by getting a good base line down for estimating your cost to manufacture
you have the ability to make anywhere from
$30-60.00/hr gross profit

Gross= income
Net =income-cost to manufacture =profit

Now take 15% of your gross and put that aside for TAXES !!!!


Jun 27, 2017
Episode 164- Best of Featuring Dustin Revere and Bonus Best of Pros and Cons of selling to a distributor
Correction GROSS=total revenue 
  NET =total revenue - cost to         manufacture
  Profit = NET- Misc Expenses 
Finding Healing and Center with Glassblowing featuring Dustin Revere
Dustin is a wealth of knowledge who has soaked it up from some of the greatest flameworkers in the world. As an artists Dustin has put himself in position to build relationships and gain exposure from artists whom have hundredrs of years of lineage in their families of glass artists.  Learning techniques from artists such as Giani Toso, Cesare Toffolo,, Lucio Bubacco,  Robert Mickelsen and many more.
     Dustin has taken this knowledge and created his own version of techniques which has now captivated and taught thousands of aspiring glass artists around the world. Between his Revere school of glass, youtube videos and facebook posts, Dustin is always pushing himself to find and share tchniques with an audeince who is constantly hungry for more.

This is the first in a series of 5 episodes covering the different areas of selling and pricing your work.  The goal with this series is to discuss and help you find ways to sell your art, create consistent revenue, and build relationships with the outlets you sell your art through. Whether distributor or retailer.  


Today we are diving head first into selling to a distributor. 

 I personally sell my work through 2-distributors and several retailers directly. The benefits of both allow for a consistent income without putting all your eggs in one basket. On one hand you have a catalog that has a broader reach of distribution allowing more exposure for your line of work.
     Most distributors take a 15-25% fee off the top of the wholesale. If you sell an item for $10.00 wholesale the distributor will then pay you $7.75 per item. If you calculate your time and gas that it takes to drive around and hope to sell orders it is way more beneficial to work with a distributor.  When you first start out I recommend starting off selling to a select few shops and have then help you find the right pricing based on their customers feedback. In the long run you can then fine tune your line and become more consistent which you can then approach the catalog companies. 
When you begin building relationships with distributors it is important to know that you will need to mail off FREE samples giving them a physical sample of your work. This allows them to settle on pricing and then if they accept the item they have it for photographing it for their catalog.  
If you decide to go this route there are a few details to take into consideration.
1. distribution companies tend to buy in bulk which means you will need to be able to keep up with orders if your lines sell well.
2. purchase materials in bulk which will save you a ton in overhead. if you order 6 or more cases then frieght will be an option to ship saving you tons of cash in the long run. Wait till companies like mountain glass have a monthly sale on clear or a color company. 
whether you buy your material in bulk or single cases always estimate your cost to manufacture based on regular pricing, not the sale price as well as always include shipping in the cost of the case. if you buy a case of 1" hvy wall and it costs 130.00 before shipping then the actual cost will be around 165.00-  then devide that cost by the number of tubes in the case. 
Below is a basic calculation you can use when figuring out cost of manufacturing your items.  
How to calculate cost of production   
In this example I'm using reference from internet which has material price based on length .....
 This is a generic example
example 3"-wrap and rake hand pipe 
Material breakdown : 
2" section of simax 25.4 hvy wall ($8.00/60"
$0.13per inch or $0.26(2"section) 
1/2" section of color cobalt firsts ($5.25/18"
9" section 4mm clear for raking ($0.52/60")
Estimated total for cost of Goods
3"wrap and take spoon ($0.26+$0.15+$0.09)=$0.50
Propane/oxygen/power is pennies on the dollar if you're able to get liquid oxygen. If you are renting space you still need to calculate your estimated per hour rate. If you pay $1500.00/mo(power,rent,gas) break it down to per day then estimate how many hours you work in a day and use that number as a base calculation.
$1500.00/month (30-day month) is approx $50.00/day (per hour in a 10-hr day
$5.00/hr (gases,power,rent)
If you can make 10-$5.00 3" wrap spoons per hour your estimated cost per hour is $10.00/hr  
(power,rent,gas) $5.00+(material x's 10-hr) $5.00$10.00/hr. to manufacture 10-$5.00 spoons 
Net-$50.00(10-$5.00 3" w/r)-$10.00(cost to manufacture)=
Gross approx $40.00/hr.  
In a 8 hr day do the math 
You can see just by getting a good base line down for estimating your cost to manufacture
you have the ability to make anywhere from
$30-60.00/hr gross profit
Gross= income 
Net =income-cost to manufacture =profit
Now take 15% of your gross and put that aside for TAXES !!!!
 If anyone has questions feel free to contact me
Jun 16, 2017
5-day Marble Class Learn a new marble tech each day August 7-11 2017 at The  Pittsburg Glass Center
She also has an archived compression marble webinar help by Glass Craft that is still available.  Check the link below
 Sabina was Born in Canada, grew up in Miami and  Moved to Seattle in the early 90's where she began her glass career  (via an apprenticeship) in 1994
Sabina Boehm's natural talent has always drawn her to the arts. In 1994, as Seattle's Borosilicate art glass movement was gaining momentum, she secured an apprenticeship. Then used those first years gaining knowledge through observation, practice, taking classes and networking. In the late 1990's, Sabina started a cooperative glass studio. She later work with Momka's Glass Company testing color for the glass chemist, this gave her an insightful knowledge of glass. The medium has great feminine appeal, and the meditative process has kept her blowing for the past 23 years. In 2005 and 2006, Sabina was awarded first place in the marble category at the very prestigious Eugene Glass School Flame Off. Marbles have been important in her work for many years, recently she has broadened her horizons to include figurative and sculptural work. She has been invited to share her skills and experience teaching throughout the US, Cananda and Germany, and doing live demonstration venues such as the Tacoma Glass Museum and the EMP in Seattle. You can find her work published in various magazines and on the web.
Jun 1, 2017
Episode 161- Chris Aus (Oz) Owner of Sunsi Glass
     Hey there!!!! Thanks a ton for tuning into this episode featuring Chris Aus of Sunsi Glass.  We had a great conversation regarding his past and present career as a pipe maker and glass artist.   After being away for so long Chris had to decide how to make his comeback and so far he's been quite successful at it.  Through his social media presence his tribe has begun to grow and become a loyal and dedicated group of fans of personality and work. 
Don't forget to check out the first students to take the leap of faith and help get the WyzGuy Institute off the ground.  With out them the next chapter of this brand wouldn't be possible. 
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     St. Paul, Minnesota-based Chris Aus (Sunsi Glass) began glassblowing in 1998 and quickly earned a reputation for quality, innovative functional glass in the Midwest. After building a successful wholesale/retail business during a tumultuous time for glass artists, Chris walked away from the craft in 2005. In July 2016, Chris returned to the torch - after more than a decade away from the industry - motivated to push his skill set and incorporate classic techniques (line work, foldovers, fuming) into a new era of functional glass art. Chris is currently a glassblowing instructor at Legacy Glass in Minneapolis, MN and has a number of projects in the works. You can connect with Chris/Sunsi Glass the following ways:
Instagram @sunsiglass
May 17, 2017

160- Nathan Belmont    Finding His Voice in Glass Through Traveling

Continuing the May Theme of Lifestyle Design

You can find Nathan on Instagram @nbelm 

Originally from Albuquerque NM, Nathan moved to Maui at the age of six and spent most of his life there. Visual art has always been something He's emersed himself in. Drawing, sculpting, and tinkering were strong passions of growing up. He felt chalaged to create beautiful things out of shit laying around.

In 2004 He had the opportunity to start a somewhat formal glass apprenticeship at a studio/gallery on Maui. He was there for about 7 years studying under artists Sean Price, Jupiter Nielsen learning how to sculpt solid Boro glass. With great teachers and a fun working environment Nathan was able to learn a lot. He's been an independent glass artist for the last 7 years, and has no plans on quiting any time soon.



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May 12, 2017

Episode 159- Luke The Drifter Living the Dream

Hey how are you? This episode kicks off our month of May episodes themed around living the life you've always wanted to live. Depending on your personality, living the life style as a glass artist opens up opportunity to travel. This includes RVing across the Continental US, traveling through Countires around the world and visiting many studios in the process.

In this episode Luke discusses his humble beginning's and his journey over the last decade and more as a traveling glass artist. We bicker about how things used to be and how things are now. Reminiscing on days of old as well as discussing how much the industry has changed in the last decade.

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May 2, 2017

Episode 158- Chris Piazza Part Deux


Chris and I sit down and talk about his experience selling at his first visit to a trade show, Glass Roots Madison. Chris unexpectedly took in a bigger sum of orders then planned and had to scramble to figure out the best way to manufacture the orders and have them shipped in a timely manner..We cover all of this and much, much, more.


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Apr 25, 2017

Episode 156- Why, What, and How? Three questions to ask yourself regarding your motivation to be a glass artist.

These three questions are important to ask yourself when finding your way during the journey as a glass artist. With many obsticals that can hinder ones growth as an artist it's important to keep these questions in mind.

Why are you a glass artist?

What drives your willingness to pursue a career filled not only with a ton of joy but also Heart ache?

How will you overcome these obsticals while finding your voice in this creative outlet?

The answers to these questions will change through time but it's important to understand the overall foundation and meaning to why you want to be a glass artist.

If you'd like to share your answers I would
Love to hear from you.
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